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Comprised of certified mechanics and skilled technicians, our truck repair team is top-of-the-line. At Allerton Equipment Repair, we pair our decades of industry experience with our client-oriented approach to deliver world-class truck repair solutions. When you place your trust in our mechanics, you reap the benefits of working with proficient professionals who offer unmatched customer service. After acquiring the shop in 2019, we made it our mission to instill convenience and efficiency into the truck repair process. Thanks to our trusted mechanics, we’ve done just that. Whether you require truck repairs or equipment maintenance, allow our results-driven mechanics to see to your needs.

Meet Marci And Chuck Bailey

As a family-owned-and-operated truck repair shop, camaraderie runs deep at Allerton’s. Both Chuck and Marci are exceedingly adept at truck repairs, and they each offer unique skills to the shop. Chuck’s worked as a mechanic for over 30 years, making him an invaluable asset to the team. He is a certified Blue Bird Bus mechanic and can do warranty work. Chuck’s insight ensures that we offer reliable services. Meanwhile, Marci’s organizational skills and business savvy keep operations well-oiled. Together, these two make a dynamic duo. With Chuck’s experience as a mechanic, Marci’s knack for management, and their combined passion for automotive care, Allerton Equipment Repair has become a respected and sought-after name.

Allerton Equipment Repair

Meet Our Team

  • Chuck BaileyOwner

    Chuck has been around semi trucks his whole life and was put to work in the shop as soon as he knew how to work a grease gun. After he married, he owned his own local trucking company hauling for local construction. Having his own trucks is why he understands the owner operator needs to have repairs done quickly and efficiently. Any vehicle he works on he repairs it as if it is his own.

    He has stays up to date on new diagnostics and systems by taking classes and training when they are available.

  • Marci BaileyOwner

    Marci started working in Chuck’s grandparent’s office dispatching truck back in 1990. She is now working in the office and running the small convenient store in the shops waiting area. She also gets called out to the shop when they need an extra hand, mostly to hold something.

  • Dan BrownTeam Member

    Dan has been part of the AER team for over 20 years and continues to run the Safety Test Lane. He has worked in and around this building since the early 80’s. Dan also helps with mechanic work between test lane inspections.

  • Nicole BurnsTeam Member

    Nicole is the oldest of Chuck and Marci’s three children. She can be found helping wherever needed. Usually in the office or the store but is also seen keeping track of inventory in the back.